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The official wiki for Tron users in Second Life to create pages for their groups, Roleplay groups, Roleplay characters and or places in the Tron sim.


0/25/11: The SL Tron wiki has been updated and the old infobox templates have been fixed and replaced with better ones, I took the coding from the official Tron wiki. Links to these templates will be provided soon, once they are officially complete. Happy editing!

- Quillsorceress

06/22/11: The Second life RP wiki is officially open and tron fans of sl can now edit pages or create pages to their lesure so long as it does not violate wikia and second life's terms of use or contain inappropriate content. Happy writing!

- Quillsorceress


When editing this wiki, please make sure to check not to create pages such as Light Cycle 5th Gen, Quorra, Kevin Flynn, Identity Disk, Disc Wars, etc; since we are on the same page as the Tron Wiki, please link to those pages instead of creating those articles, unless it is Tron RP specific or you can't find it on the official Tron wiki. Thank you!


Please help us to improve this wiki, your knowledge of your character, groups or friend's characters would greatly benefit Tron fans everywhere. To start simply type in a character, from the Tron: Legacy Sim in Second Life. Thank you for your participation!

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